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Limpiezas El Sol Ltd. Is a local business that was founded the 1st of May of 1964, making us the oldest businesses of the providence, however we do work in other regions and areas.

Nowadays, our workforce consists of over 300 employees; we also have in our power a great infrastructure of means, machines and the finest elements, which can be verified by our clients. Once a year we have everyone in our workforce get into different training courses, for their continuous recycling and adaptation to new techniques and cleaning systems.

Following the current legislations, we have health supervision under the surveillance of another specialized business that takes care of our Workplace Risk Prevention, who -along with our staff Delegates and legal representatives- form a perfect team to perform said functions.

We got diverse certifications on quality matters: ISO certification 9001:2008 for our system of Quality Management thoughtfully implemented, same goes for our ISO certification 14001 for our Environmental Management. Another certification we have is OHSAS 18001 for our system of Health and Security Management at Workplace. All these certifications are approved by OCA. We still maintain the same number in the business association, 11/30962/25, since we are a family business of three generations already.

Nowadays we are classified by the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Finance in the highest category to bind contracts with public entities – Group U, subgroup 01 category 5-. We also have a Civil Liability Insurance that goes up to 1.000.000 € to respond to any collateral damage we might cause unwillingly while procuring our services.

We are backed up by all of our prices, which include: Andalucia’s Best Service 1986, Hercules 1995, Leader 1996, 1999 and 2002, Cadiz’s Silver Medal 2015.

Hoping that you have had a nice presentation about our business, if you wish for any further and more concrete information about us in any aspect, we are always available and no strings attached.




In Limpiezas El Sol ltd. Our activities are oriented to the optimization of the quality of the service performance and getting a continuous improvement program, also known as kaizen, in order to obtain great results concerning the environment.

For us to reach that goal we have an integrated system of Quality Management ISO 9001 and Environmental Management ISO 14001; these are tools to guarantee the improvement program, control and management of activities-processes and the fulfillment of the applicable regulation for each system. In such way that they assure the continuous identification of the clients’ needs, environmental aspects, legal requirements and any other requirements that may be subscribed; keeping always in mind the goal of obtaining the maximum satisfaction of the client and prevent contamination.

Total Quality is identified here at Limpiezas El Sol as the utter satisfaction of the client, perfect cleaning and great attitude from our employees, based on an adequate selection and intense training. All accompanied by an elegant uniformity, adequate supervision and control of the work.

Getting there and specially maintaining that status is not only an imperative but a moral obligation. We are completely devoted to reach that goal by using the most advance methods and the most ideal program for each client. Aiming for the most approximate price according to the reality we are facing, we shall visit the place we are about to estimate for, we make a direct observation of every room there is so we can fairly estimate the time, manpower and materials needed –all of our cleaning materials are ecological-.

One of the most demanded things in a cleaning service is the level of hygiene, just like its supervision and quality control. Our staff has been prepared for all of these through ITEL (the Spanish technical institute of cleaning) a prestigious entity worldwide.

Lastly, it shall be noted that Limpiezas El Sol ltd. declares its commitment to maintenance and development of a management policy that integrates treatment equality and opportunities among men and women, without any direct or indirect discrimination because of gender or similar conditions, just like the boost and encouragement of measures to guarantee the equity within our business.



In the light of any sort of accident or incident –such as flooding, street riots, broken pipes, fires, etc.- we offer a 24/7 service to attend and solve the problem in question with an immediate answer.

Answering time should be around an hour since the moment we get the notification, adding to that the time needed to get to the place in question. We shall spend there as much time as needed until we get the job done.



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PHONE NUMBER: 956 07 13 00 (5 LINES). FAX: 956 07 13 01. MOBILE: 617 48 94 05.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/limpiezaselsol

Warehouse and garage: C/ Juan Ramón Jiménez, 5 (Cádiz). 150m2

  Complaints and suggestions 663167094


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